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Content Security Policy

Content-Security-Policy... good shit but annoying!

Switched from setting the CSP headers on the webserver to FFS. This allows the script to generate hashes for scripts and styles and add them to the "whitelist".

Switched the editor from WymEditor to CKEditor 4 which is a welcome change. The code is well maintained and didn't require alot of CSP workarounds as I had expected. I saved 30 style hashes to a file that gets automatically loaded *only* when the editor is needed. The inline script to load the editor only needed 1 hash which is auto generated and only loaded when needed as well.

Added automatic hashing of the percentage bar div's as it is using inline styles to set the width according the usage of the user quota.

The global variable count is up along with my blood pressure but CSP is worth having for some added protection.

FFS is now at v .3.3.1b