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FFS ToDo List

TODO Master list


cart.php - keep retrying until USPS gives us a quote or don't let user continue to next step or fallback on internal tables
change admin tables to use select drop down for admin links
Cleanup CSS (as usual - still way too bloated)



rotate/crop on manage images page
static file generator for the entire site (oh boy)
invoice db & administration
generate flyer from product page to pdf or jpeg, include main image big top, row of other images,  name - price, description, qr code at bottom
theme switcher using session variable
AJAX in registration for email exist check
OrdersDB admin interface
Mailbox between admin and users /w attachments



code a display news links archive (like a blogroll)
make user uploads "secure" - outside webroot & helper script to display images/media - while logged in only, check session or admin. if image is not in their directory, deny access to image (filepath check)
Menu subsystem: change pages to be able to add to the menu on create



downloads module (/w secure download)
add plain menu renderer for no JS environments
add tag field to pages db for tag cloud. use on all page types ie: #ffs #technews #onewordonly. hidden div to display cloud
add in disable CSP var
have FFS generate CSP headers and hashes
change all admin tables for html 5 compliance, see front end tables
Sort Page Admin views
Remove username and just use email & remove address_3
Add in a <--HEAD_ADDTL--> tag in master.tpl using a global or session for dynamic scripts/css in head
shopping cart finale - 6/9/18: changed storemode for admin only temp to debug in prod mode
OrderDB user interface
change news sorting to most recent 1st!
encode links in sitemap-main.xml & check dynamic sitemap
update config db with new values - dont forget updatedb in initdb()
Cleanup libraries and scripts
RSS not updating after page add/edit
Add in desc column to pages for rss and other display ops
code submenus /w java or css drop down