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Static Pages

     Static pages are needed where the environment is less than ideal for security. I2P and Tor can handle dynamic pages but why take the risk? One coding error, one malicious attacker, one mis-step could lead to a disaster of dire consequences. Luckily in FFS all output goes thru a function aptly named output() so capuring the raw html and redirecting to a file is easy. Designing the mode to not include any "login required" content may prove interesting without alot of sloppiness but what is life without a challenge?

     To this end mobile and tablet menus were changed to plain and I added a noscript plain menu for all screen/browser types. No JS environments won't break the site in anyway, but I still don't feel the need for extra steps. Delete confirmation pages in non JS environments won't work but people *should* be careful where they click anyway. I still need to design a better mobile menu... something like poloniex or just a drop down icon, maybe multi level for submenus.

     I will test this soon with archamedis.i2p or something like that. Dont ask with what content... who knows... itll mainly just be for testing purposes only. Page regeneration should not take forever either... need a md5 content test or last updated timestamps to see what *needs* to be updated and what doesn't. Either way, the backend will probally have to be php-cli just incase of a timeout.