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Vintage Mac Swoon

vintage macs

2 of our vintage macs in operation (L - Mac Plus 1mb with brainstorm, R - Mac SE with 2 800k drives). Also pictured, a Commodore Plus/4 and 3 Commodore 1541 5 1/4in Floppy Drives that weigh more than the desk its on.

We use an Asante Talk, a old 10mbit hub, and a windows mac emulator to get the vintage macs on our network for filesharing. They are so far unmodified and we would like to keep them that way but external SCSI hard drives that are compatible and working are hard to find. I would love to run a BBS on them for multi-node operation but thats so far down on my life todo list... maybe once I get my farm and solar array online 1st ;)