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Secure Filebases Added

As the title says, FFS now has secure download areas (filebases) as an option. When on, the script sends the file to the browser and does not give up info of where the file is. The file directory can and *should* be outside of the webroot. Also, image previews of said files are also served by the script using either stream_get_contents or using the gd image functions to send the data to the browser. 

The filebases have a self-contained DB per area for easy administration and relocation. There is also a simplistic rating system and comments per file for users who are logged in. File can mean files... aka a file set. Instead of packing a bunch of files together into one big file, the script handles any number of files as 1 entry. That way users can pick and choose which files they want out of the set. For unstable/slow network links (think I2P/Tor) it should make a big difference.

Images that are uploaded as part of a fileset are automatically thumbnailed and displayed on the filebase pages and optionally securely served as well.

Tags have been added to the filebases but will not show up everywhere. While in a filebase, only tags in that area will be shown. I have not decided if I want to code a way to show tags from all enabled filebases. Maybe a cache system that dumps tags and links into a text file to save CPU cycles reading from the DB files...