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Code Loops

Did I mention I hate Mysql?

I chose to use Sqlite for file databases for simplicity and ultimate portability. I could use 1 file for configs, another file for per user settings, etc.

Now I'm seeing the performance impacts as the codebase grows larger.


I need to find a better solution than to say rewrite the code just for 1 database type. Sure theres abstraction layers but I remember years ago they were somewhat limited. Some features were implemented for mysql while not for postgresql, and hardly any for sqlite. It was a pain in the ass to support 2 let alone 3 DB types. I'm hoping this has changed in 2018.

The development version of FFS has added mailboxes /w attachments, pdf output, dynamic directory support, a hidden mode for I2P & Tor, with many more features planned. The need for more and more database calls is growing and I already see sqlite crying bloody murder here and there in the logs.

A need for a pause and a partial rerwite has come.

Bang. Fire.