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It's a little-known fact that the Y1K problem caused the Dark Ages.

Cart updates, filter_var, Fucking CSS

The cart is officially talking to Square via its API and looking pretty good.

All user input (not admin) is now using filter_var for variable sanitation.

Going over options for logging errors with user data like Host, Referrer, Agent, Tor usage. Not sure how this would affect privacy rights. On one hand it allows me to debug things a bit easier and I'm not sharing the information with anyone. On the other hand it means I am logging some user information.Going to update the TOS on all affected sites to explain this.

CSS... ugh. When I try to combine all the style sheets into 1 file it pukes all over the site. Leaving it alone for now...

After the Mailbox for user <--> admin messaging, I'm planning on a feature freeze to audit the code and fix anything that pops up.