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Merging Branches Soon

Merging PHP code bases is fun. Git is fun. 

Let me stop lying before I get a taste for it. This shit is not fun... its a tool to be used.

Sounds like a setup to a fucked up techie bar joke but fuck it:  There was a laptop and 2 desktops that started going at in in a bar. One desktop who thought it was the "main" desktop started complaining every time it had to do a pull request."Why do I always have to pull when yall usually push? The other desktop who thought it was boss hog from dukes of hazard said: "Dang namit! WT@?!?@?!@? Can't yall just pull down from me instead of some @?!?#@#!? server ?". The laptop thought it was the next best thing to sliced bread and just thought "at least I get out of the local domain... b#@!h". Meanwhile, the server was just cool and casual... sitting at the bar and taking in new sites and finally said: "If yall mofo's would push properly, I wouldnt have to keep track of all the drunken, stoned, WTF changes yall making. Desktop 1: why 6 commits in the course of a minute? How high was your user? Desktop 2: you did more pull requests than any other user... drunk much? Laptop: I think your browser is mis-configured to commit your porn downloads into the code base... STOP DOING E!".