Archamedis.NET - The Code Strikes Back!
To err is human... to really foul up requires the root password.

FFS at .3.3b

The past 2 weeks I have been concentrating on updating the code for HTML 5 compliance and it was a long process. I finally got around to implementing the recommended security and site settings from h5bp for Apache 2. Thank the Gods I only had one inline script to allow... it could have been worse. I will definitely try to stay away from those if I can.

CSS is finally getting more mature albeit bloated. All styles have been synchronized and looking pretty good. Only issue so far is the percentage bar for User Quotas which is not working on the production server. Works fine on the development one for some reason. The forms are perfect on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile mode thanks to a screen detector library and CSS rules for screen size.

Gallery and Product display code got an update and the screen size changes the way items are presented to either one column or multi columns. 

The version is now .3.3b and I can start back to work on my TODO list. Invoices as a page and emailed as well as the administrator Orders DB interface with shipping, refunds, and voids are up to bat. After the holiday... I need a day of good food and games to rest.