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User Registration Enabled
Tue, 07 Aug 2018 19:25:23 -0500

Decided to open up the site to User Registrations after doing yet another code audit. Just click the Register link on the bottom menu. A valid email is only required if you forget your password as that is the only way to reset it.

User mailboxes are being coded now and at first will only allow messages to/from admins. In the future as more social features are added, users will be allowed to message each other with attachments if they opt-in.

Usersites are expected to be added after the mailboxes are fully implemented. Think of them as 1 page sites with file uploads allowed.

Spam of the week
Sun, 05 Aug 2018 15:33:07 -0500

Spam Can

And the Spam Email of the Week award goes to:

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Vintage Downloads
Sun, 05 Aug 2018 01:35:29 -0500

Since downloads have been coded into FFS I made a Vintage Downloads section and started uploading some files. Starting with the MS TCP Client for DOS 2 disk set that took me forever to find working links for, this section will grow with network and file utilities I have found useful.

Vintage Downloads

Secure Filebases Added
Sun, 05 Aug 2018 01:30:39 -0500

As the title says, FFS now has secure download areas (filebases) as an option. When on, the script sends the file to the browser and does not give up info of where the file is. The file directory can and *should* be outside of the webroot. Also, image previews of said files are also served by the script using either stream_get_contents or using the gd image functions to send the data to the browser. 

The filebases have a self-contained DB per area for easy administration and relocation. There is also a simplistic rating system and comments per file for users who are logged in. File can mean files... aka a file set. Instead of packing a bunch of files together into one big file, the script handles any number of files as 1 entry. That way users can pick and choose which files they want out of the set. For unstable/slow network links (think I2P/Tor) it should make a big difference.

Images that are uploaded as part of a fileset are automatically thumbnailed and displayed on the filebase pages and optionally securely served as well.

Tags have been added to the filebases but will not show up everywhere. While in a filebase, only tags in that area will be shown. I have not decided if I want to code a way to show tags from all enabled filebases. Maybe a cache system that dumps tags and links into a text file to save CPU cycles reading from the DB files...

Pc for Video Input Part 2
Mon, 30 Jul 2018 19:44:48 -0500

So I actually found a AGP video card, an old ATI Rage IIc that did support hardware overlays for Xserver. Problem was it had so little ram, I couldn't even get 320x240 output from the tv card. I tried a 640x480 Xserver resolution and 320x240 in tvime and mplayer but still no go. I had to go back to XP.

This time I remembered at least where all the drivers were so it only took about an hour to get back to being able to view the commodore 64 on the monitor. I tried to use partition magic to image the drive but with only 512mb of ram that proved challenging to say the least. I ended up using the builtin XP backup system and set a weekly incremental backup to my nas (had to drop down to SMB1 thou).

Back to the 1541 adapter I decided it would be best to drop down to pure DOS and not fuck with windows at all this time. I installed freedos on a 2nd 40gb hard drive and setup grub2win to be able to boot into it from the windows boot menu. Purrrrfect! I even went ahead and got TCP/IP networking up so I can download programs directly into dos and browse the web somewhat. Sooner or later I will get the sound working too.

Using the star commander dos program I am able to read and write disk images from dos with the original 1541 5 1/4in floppy drive. Mission accomplished! I even grabbed a copy of Cyber Mage and played it for a bit albeit without sound for now.

On another note, I had a heck of a time finding working links to ancient dos programs and will host them here or on the ftp server soon. Specifically the MS Client files I needed to get the ethernet working took me to 10-15 different sites before I found good links.

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